Our churchyards

All three parishes have churchyards which are open for burials and for the interment of ashes. Each has an interesting range of memorials to those who were here before us, and each is home to a range of wild flowers, birds, insects and other wildlife, making them well worth a visit. The Kent Wildlife Trust has designated the churchyard at Alkham as a Kent Local Wildlife Site, as it supports more than eighty species of lichen and features unimproved chalk grassland which was once more widespread in the rest of the valley. If you do choose to visit, please take care when walking around. At certain times of year some areas of our churchyards are left uncut to allow the wildlife to flourish. Although we try to make sure that our churchyards are safe to visit we cannot promise to eliminate every hazard, so we suggest that you keep to the paths and mown areas, and take care not to trip over kerbs, stones or any other obstructions.