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From the Vicarage

May 2017   Bats in the Belfry

I have never forgotten the Sunday morning, just a few weeks after I arrived, when I climbed into the pulpit and began my sermon with the story of the three vicars who had bats in the belfry. If you were there, you probably remember how it goes. If you weren’t, sadly I don’t have space here to tell you how it ends. In any case, it hasn’t seemed quite so funny since it turned out that I also have bats, not just in the belfry but in other places too – and they’re not housetrained, either.

From Christians Together in Dover

  • Dover Foodbank: - thanks, as always, for your continuing support of the Dover Foodbank. If you can, please leave donations of any items from the list in the green boxes at church – thank you. The latest 'shopping list' is available at


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The sick:  Tim Ross, Ted Peel, David Owens, Martin Page, Marion Page, Mary Sutton, Hazel, Joe, Daphne Hastie, Mrs Bundy, Baby Savannah, Wendy, Paul.